What should be your diet before or after doing workout in a gym

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Diet is a very important if you are going to gym. For every person its very important for achieving optimal result to make a muscular body in a gym i.e. Diet. What you eat before your workout for fuelling workout  for making a muscle  building. And after what supplies of food for recover and improve  your body .

 Now I’m going to tell you about what to eat before and after the gym.

1. Before the gym:-

Many person goes to gym with an empty stomach. Its never you do that you are going with an empty stomach you cannot lifting the weight properly and you feel very tired.

            So, your pre workout meal is playing a big role in supplying your body with everything it will give you optimal performance during the workout. During the workout there are 2 essential elements that used for building muscle.

(i). Carbohydrates :- It essential for energy that used to release during the workout . It can helps to boosts your power and concentration for the session.

(ii). Protien:- Protien is also essential for building muscle. Protien can help for generating new blood cell and also help to maintain muscle.      

I am going to make a chart which you can eat before the workout in a gym.

                 Protiens(Amino Acids):-

                 Paneer ,Eggs ,Chicken ,Fish ,Paneer bhurji , Grilled chicken sandwitch

                 You can take whey protein supplement and lauki juice after the workout.

                 Carbohydrates:- Food rich in carbohydrates such as pasta,Roti,Oats and bread are the best resources for energy.


Timing of the meal:-      

You can take meal with gap 45-70 minutes before going to the gym.This can be helped to digest and start nutrients absorption .  Cardio should be performed a gap atleast 2 hrs after the last meal.


After the workout:-

After the workout a nutrients played a very importance role for gaining strength and muscle. After your workout you can take “recovery meal” within one hour if it is possible. During the workout in a gym your muscle is going to weak because you are torn down during the intense workout so recovery meal could help for recovery and healing.

Now I’m going to tell you about what to eat after workout:-

Proteins, Vitamins and carbohydrates,Time Duration 

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