7 exercises which makes effective chest in 3 months

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Every man wants to fit when men goes to gym for the workout they are only staring on making and effective chest building.

Now I’m going to tell about for making effective chest exercises.

Please follow each points which i had written in this article.

       I’m including first exercise based on cardio base because cardio activity is reducing your calorie as well as your burnt body fat.   


1. Firstly you have to do warm exercises in warm up exercises you can do:-

      Push-ups (3 sets) – 10 reps (Slow)->12 reps (fast) ->10 reps(fast)

      Push ups is the only and effective cardio based exercise which can be work for reducing calories of every parts of body. It strengthen the muscles in the chest. I’m going to tell about types of push ups for the chest.

        Types of push-ups for the chest:-

     (ii). Bench Press:- Bench Press is the king of pressing exercises.This is the only best exercise in cardio which is targeted for the chest and triceps musceles.

How to do:-

Performing bench press initially your body position is in properly. Lets see:-

And then taking a deep breaths.Bend your elbows lowering your body at an angle of 90 degree which  towards the bench and floor. Now perform at least 10 bench push ups before taking a short break.

Now I’m going to tell you about chest exercises. There are many dozens of chest exercises which is about to 64. We are picking top 7 exercises for the chest out of 64 which focused on the best-of-the-best to make a  mass builders.

  1. Barbell Bench Press:-

Barbell bench press allows you to move the most weight

2. Low-Inclined Bench Press:-



3. Machine Decline Press:-


4. Seated Machine chest press:-


5. Flat Bench Dumbbell Press:-


6. Incline Dumbbell Press:-


7. Butterfly as know as Pec-Dec Machine:-


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